The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point has been a significant best seller since its initial publication. Much of this is due to Gladwell’s clear prose and his cogent expression of how change can occur in society – and it would appear that the timing was right on the button: being launched in the late 1990s at a moment when society – through the arrival of internet, mobile phones – began an enormous process of change. It might be fair to say that where our generation regards 1968 as a pivotal year in modern social history – 1997 has produced an even bigger moment of change.

Gladwell’s thesis is that a small idea can spread to become a contagious ‘epidemic’ if it is sticky enough as an idea, and if it is lucky enough to be championed by a good mix of Connectors (people who know a lot of other people), Mavens (people who know a lot about a particular thing or things), and Salesmen.

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