Switch, Chip and Dan Heath

I first became aware of the authors Chip and Dan Heath through their first book, Made To Stick.   Their latest book, Switch, is equally as easy to read and even practical.   The premis of the book is that there are three forces acting on our ability to make a switch in our life: the rider, the elephant and the path.   This might seem like a strange metaphor but after reading the book it will make a lot of sense.

Making changes are never easier.   Just ask any parent that’s trying to teach their children to pick up after themselves.   After reading this book I decided to smooth the path for my kids.   For months I’d come home and try and park in my garage only to find a bicycle in the way.   I followed in Les Nessman’s steps and put yellow tape on the floor of my garage.  I explained to my kids that their stuff had to stay on one side of the garage.  The tape like made it very easy for them to figure out if they were on the right side or not.    Instead of find a bike in my way every other day I’ve cut it down to once every couple of months.  I don’t expect perfection, they are kids afterall.   This little experiment did teach me there is something to their approach.

I highly recommend Switch.

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