Meatball Sundae, Seth Godin

Tweet Once again Seth Godin captures a point of view and presents it in a clear way that just about anyone can understand. In fact the points made in this book are articulated in such a way that I will be forwarding the book to some people I know that could benefit from understanding the […]

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Permission Marketing, Seth Godin

Tweet If you write any kind of newsletter online then you need to read this book. The key take -away from this book is: turn strangers into friends and friends into customers

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The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell

Tweet The Tipping Point has been a significant best seller since its initial publication. Much of this is due to Gladwell’s clear prose and his cogent expression of how change can occur in society – and it would appear that the timing was right on the button: being launched in the late 1990s at a […]

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The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

Tweet The Long Tail took form over nearly two years as an “open-source research project” on Chris Anderson’s blog at This experiment in book development, where he shared data and ideas in progress and many smart readers helped improve them, fleshed out the theory and stress-tested the analysis, which made the book far better […]

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Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? by Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg, Lisa T. Davis

Tweet We are going to try a new thing here on the Thought Sponsor blog. I will be creating posts about a book I have read and then inviting feedback on the book. I’ll be posting two books in rapid succession and then one every few weeks. Think of this as a virtual book club […]

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